What is the 12 Colour Seasons?

What is the 12 Colour Seasons?

Maybe you have heard of it before, maybe you haven’t. The 16 colour seasons is a concept designed for creating great colour schemes where, in the home, can have you living in luxury in lickety split. There are 4 basic colour seasons, with 3 sub-season each: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Ahhh… spring the season of love. Like love, the spring season has bright, warm colours that you would associate with life. The bright pastel yellow of new born chicks, the vibrant pink of flowers and even warm browns of the trees.

Floral prints are perfect for this season as would white lace to create contrast. The clear yellow undertone shows Spring colours as deeper and more saturated. Avoid too much neutral colours in the room! With the room being vibrant, having a neutral corner can lead to inharmonious room. Further, avoid black and white but do enjoy creating vibrant contrast.

Dotty, busy, creative and rounded geometric patterns look great with this season. Natural elements are also a good portrayal of spring. Loose element arrangements brings movement to life!


Summer is the season of light and soft colours!

While there could be a variety of colours, the cool blue and pink undertones underline all the colours and thus very little contrast is achieved. Beige looks beautiful in a summer colour scheme with silver as a compliment to the colours. However, gold working against this colour scheme with its warm undertones undermining the colours.

There is more grey mixed into the Summer colouring than you might think! While a winter colour scheme might be associated with greys, a true winter colour scheme concentrates on creating contrast and intensity while Summer scheme avoids true black. Summer is the colour of gentle, cool colours. The monochromatic look works perfectly in this season.


The warm hot chocolate, the orange glow of candles, the muted reds of the soft leaves crunching beneath your feet, Autumn is the colour of warm, muted yet rich colours. Warmth radiates from every part of the room and they complement and blend together. This season is where overly contrasting colours is overpowering.

While the appearance of Autumn appears bright, it is not when compared to the truly bright colours of Spring. Consequently, there are very few shades of blue for the autumn colour palette and the ones that are included, have a tinge of yellow. Black is a colour to avoid, while the best versions of white are those that are slightly warmer than true white. Beige, cream and ecru colours are perfect. Pastel colours are also to be limited as they clash with the natural warmth of the room.

Retro patterns goes great with the Autumn seasoned room, although avoid small elements in dense arrangements. Stiff, square geometric patterns also will seem off. Elements that are reminiscent of Autumn itself does well to pair with a room.


It is quite easy to spot a winter room. Cool, high contrast, these rooms are not afraid of using bold colours of black and white. These colours all play at the extreme of the light, dark and bright. Clear outlines, with softness eliminated from the room are all winter rooms.

While it might be easy to think that a winter room would only have dark blacks and purples, in a well balanced room, this would be off-set with bright, light colours such a true white and highlighter yellow. The colours are fairly high in chroma, meaning they would be vibrant and saturated. Contrast is the better option while all-black and all-white still has its appeals. Neon play a fantastic appeal in this room.

Also avoid small prints nor any prints with faded or blended elements. Metals go swimmingly in this room although gold might be too much on the warm scale.

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